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Adaptive Climbing Climbing is for everyone!

Adaptive Climbing Program

What is Adaptive Climbing?

Also called paraclimbing, adaptive climbing makes climbing accessible to people with disabilities,
health conditions, and impairments. 
*Please note that this program is constantly developing as we learn and acquire more tools, resources, and assistance to further the program

Meet Up



Includes a 2 hour session, and any gear needed

Volunteers welcome and needed to support the program

Please fill out the form below if you intend on joining us!



Meet Ups

Climbing is for Everyone! Advancements in technology have provided resources for climbers of any type to get started, regardless of limited mobility, limb difference, wheelchair, etc.

Providing individuals or groups of people with disabilities, health conditions, and impairments the opportunity to try out the sport of rock climbing in a supportive and encouraging environment 

Interested parties will need to fill out the interest form below and attend a meet up! 

Paraclimbing Team

Providing individuals ages 13+ with physical disability the opportunity to pursue the sport of rock climbing within an encouraging environment. The team is designed for climbers who want to pursue goals with a specific focus and/or who want to compete in paraclimbing competitions.

Interested parties will need to meet with an adaptive climbing coach.

More Programming to Come…

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