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Start Here

Watch these 4 Videos 

Intro to Approach

Intro to the Kiosk

Intro to the Dashboard

Intro to the Member Portal

Waivers and Certifications

– Now check your email and make a password for your staff log in through the email that was sent
– Then go to the Kiosk and sign your own waiver for your customer account

Check Ins

-Pretend to check Conrad in under Doug’s Guest passes, but don’t actually.


– Set up your staff side of the Calendar (Referenced in Intro to Dashboard), and take a look around. Just don’t delete or change anything!

Selling and Managing Day Passes

– Sell yourself a 100% discounted day pass and gear rental, sign a facility orientation document, mark it as done on your profile certifications, and check yourself in.

Selling and Managing Multi Visit Passes

– Pretend like you’re selling a Multivisit pass to yourself, but don’t actually do it.
– Check Brittany and Juneau into Brittany’s Multivisit pass, then void both check ins. 

Selling and Setting Up Memberships

– Sell yourself a crew membership, sign your membership agreement, and then go through all of the steps of setting up a membership like you’re the customer. 

Issuing Gift Cards

– Pretend but don’t actually sell yourself a gift card.

Crew Leads

If you are not a crew lead, please skip ahead to “Closing Time”

Intro for Crew Leads 

Making Changes to Memberships

– Take a look around and familiarize yourself. 

Issuing Refunds

– Take a look around and familiarize yourself. 

End Here

-Practice and play around in the system without actually selling or deleting anything.
-Thank you!!