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Welcome to Climbing Sessions!

What are Sessions?

Looking to get a little more structure in your visits to BlocHaven? Don’t get us wrong, climbing for fun is amazing and a great workout all on it’s own, but we recognize that you may be interested in learning more and becoming more involved in the sport.

BlocHaven Sessions are a collection of structured climbing, fitness, and mobility workouts. They are designed to be completed in one visit, and should be modified to your individual strengths and needs.

We recommend taking our BlocBasics 1 and 2 classes before entering into these sessions.

These sessions are set up to aid you in your climbing journey.
There is a ton of information out there on training for climbing.
These are just some of our favorites! Feel free to adjust/modify these sessions to your individual needs.
Warm Up


We know, we know, warming up can be kind of boring and those new climbs look so fun! BUT this part of your session is one of the most important. It’s an amazing tool in injury prevention. Going cold straight into your project is one of the easiest ways end up with an injury.

A warm-up can be as simple or as complex as you like. Although, it should consist of exercises on the ground, some mobility work, and then several minimum to medium effort climbs before hitting your project or choosing one of our Climbing Sessions.


  • 2-5 min of cardio (bike, treadmill, rower, etc)
  • 2-4 sets of 10 push-ups
  • 15 lunges (each leg)
  • 15 bodyweight squats
  • 30 sec arm circles (both arms – start small and make the circles progressively bigger, forwards and backwards)
  • 20 forward-backward leg swings (each leg)
  • 20 side-to-side leg swings (each leg)
  • 20 sec ankle circles (each foot, forwards and backwards)
  • 20 sec wrist circles (each hand, forwards and backwards)
  • 10 tendon glides (each hand)
  • 3-5 minimum effort climbs
  • 2-4 light effort climbs
  • 2-4 medium effort climbs

First go, best go

This session is Circuit based. At BlocHaven we have several V-grade circuits and each have a color coded tag (other than our Red Boulders). The goal of this session is to choose a colored-circuit, or multiple, and then give each of those boulders within that circuit 1 quality attempt. Make your first go, your best go!

This session can be used a variety of ways. You could use circuits that are easier for you, and focus on footwork while getting in a lot of climbs. You could pick a circuit that is challenging for you, and work hard to get as many of the climbs done in 1 attempt.

We do recommend decreasing the amount of rest between climbs on circuits that aren’t as challenging for you; and vice versa.

First Go, Best Go:

  • Warm-Up Session
  • Yellow tag circuit, 1 attempt per climb

(This is an easier circuit for me, I’ll focus on finding and perfecting my heel hook technique, with a 1-2 minute rest between boulders)

  • Mobility Session
First Go Best Go
Fresh Set

Fresh Set

Our routesetters work to bring you fresh sets multiple times a week! Our walls are labelled as The Titan, The Mezz, The Comp, and The Bear. Each broken into different zones, these zones can be found in the Kaya app.

The goal of a ‘Fresh Set’ session, is so simple. Give every new boulder in the new set 1 attempt regardless of the V-grade, or if it’s your anti-style.

The routesetters goal with every problem is to try to teach you something. If you only ever try climbs that are your ‘style’ or that you know you’re good at, how can you expect to learn and grow as a climber.

Fresh Set:

  • Warm-up Session
  • Keep an open mind
  • Give every climb in the new set 1 solid attempt
  • Mobility Session


This session is iconic amongst climbers, and has been used probably since the dawn of climbing as an effective drill for power endurance.

4×4’s may not be considered ‘fun’ by most but are a very physical workout and can be hard on the skin. Get your Rhino Skin-Repair ready!

The goal is to complete a climb 4 times back-to-back with minimal rest before moving onto the next climb and repeating the process through 4 climbs.

These 4 climbs should be at a challenging level for you, but that you can repeat. 


  • Warm-up Session
  • Choose 4 climbs, preferably climbs that are more straight forward, physical, and that you’ve done before.
  • Climb the first climb 4 times back to back, with very minimal rest between each go.
  • Rest for 4 minutes.
  • Repeat this process through climbs two, three, and four.

*Tip– If you finish all four sets without any falls, try more challenging climbs. If you start to fall on climb two or three, try easier climbs. Falling on the final moves of each climb on your last climb, means this is an appropriate level for you and will have the max benefit.

  • Mobility Session
Color Circuit

Color Circuit

This session is Circuit based. At BlocHaven we have several V-grade circuits and each have a color coded tag (other than our Red Boulders, which are a circuit themselves).

This session can be used a variety of ways. Create your own session! You could choose a colored-circuit, or multiple, and then set the amount of attempts, the amount of rest, even the amount of climbs.

Color Circuit:

  • Warm-Up Session
  • Example: Green tag circuit, 3 attempts per climb, 2 min rest between attempts, the goal is to finish as many green tags as I can in an hour.
  • Mobility Session

Limit Boulders

Limit Bouldering can be mentally challenging just as much as it is physically challenging.

The goal, and expectation, is not to send but to work on climbs that are physically at your max. It is very common to not send during a Limit Boulder session, and that’s okay!

Select a number of climbs (3-10) at the limit of your ability. Attempt each climb 4-5 times with a long rest between attempts (2-5 min), and allow for a maximum of 15-20 minutes on each climb. It is easy to get sucked into a climb once you’re seeing progress, save the send for another day!

Limit Boulders:

  • Warm-Up Session


  • Choose 5 climbs at my max ability level
  • Give 5 solid and focused attempts
  • Rest for 5 mins in between goes
  • Move onto the next climb after 20 mins
  • Mobility Session
Limit Bouldering
Style Triad

Style Triad

Style Triad is probably one of the most mentally challenging sessions, but that’s because it’s aimed at getting you out of your comfort zone.

The goal is of this session is to help you grow in your strengths and weaknesses. Remember this is about growth, and with that comes some falling. Probably, a lot of falling.

Option 1:

  • Pick 3 boulders roughly around 50% of your max ability level. Try to climb said boulders in 3 different styles, your choice of styles. List of options below.

Option 2:

  • Pick 3 boulders roughly around 50% of your max ability level. Each boulder needs to be in a different style, slab, compression, dynamic, high tension etc etc.
  • Try and complete each boulder in 3 attempts or less.
  • Repeat this drill two more times.

Style Suggestions:

  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Coordination
  • Sticky hands (do not adjust hands once places on a hold)
  • Open hand (do not crimp or close grip any hold)
  • Compression
  • Slow Mo (climb continuously in slow motion)