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Get Started Waiver, Orientation, then Climb!

Your First Visit

BlocHaven features multiple climbing areas, each one suitable for every ability level. No experience required!

During your first visit, a crew member will walk you through a brief orientation and go over our safety rules. 

*Please note that we request at least one adult per three children to actively supervise (i.e. spotting, enforcing safety rules, etc)

Thank you for joining us at BlocHaven!

If you’re filling out waivers for a family or someone else, be sure to select ‘For Someone Else’ in the drop down menu

If filling out waivers for more than one person, be sure to select ‘Add Sub Account’ when prompted

*Please note that we require anyone in the facility to fill out a waiver, even if you are not climbing

If you’re filling out waivers for a Family OR you are the legal guardian and need to fill out a waiver for someone under 18 years of age, be sure to fill out YOUR information first.

 Then choose the ‘Add a Household Member’ option to add on anyone under 18 who will be in the facility, before signing. 

You will need to create a log in and password for the account you are making by signing your documents online. This saves a lot of time waiting at the front desk area for a kiosk to become available.

Waivers last for 2 years, and once your initial set up is complete, any following visits are very efficient!

We appreciate your cooperation and patience. 

Day passes 

$ 19

$ 20

Full Day Pass

Facility Orientation

*Rental/Climbing Shoes Required*

Rental gear


$ 5

Includes rental shoes, harness and chalk

blochaven-logo-words smaller

Al la Carte

Rental Shoes   $ 4

Chalk Bag   $ 3

Harness   $ 3

Belay Device  $ 3

*Must be belay certified*

10 Visit Pass

Rental Gear Included

$ 210

10 Full Day Visits with Gear Rental

For participants who are still gathering their own Gear


10 Visit Pass

Rental Gear Not Included

$ 170

10 Full Day Visits w/out Rental Gear

For participants who have their own Gear


5 Visit Pass

Rental Gear Included

$ 105

5 Full Day Visits with Rental Gear

For participants who are still gathering their own Gear


Facility Resources Just a short list of services and amenities provided

climbing icon


Bouldering  –  Top Rope  –  Training

fitness icon


Strength  –  Mobility  –  Cardio

cafe icon


Coffee  –  Food  –  Snacks

routesetting icon

Premium Routesetting

Professional Routesetters  –  Varied Styles

shopping icon

Pro Shop

Essentials  –  Apparel  –  Gear

event icon

Party/Event Space

Groups  –  Parties  –  Corporate Events