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USA Climbing Youth Bouldering QE - Region 72 Modified Redpoint Format

Youth Climber in a Competition


Competition Fee: $50

Competitors will need a USA climbing competitor or introductory membership to register

Spectator Fee: $5

12 yrs and under spectate for free

Volunteers spectate for Free


  • Spectate for Free  and 2 additional spectator tickets
  • Free Day Pass to use on a future visit
  • A food or beverage ticket to redeem at our cafe during the event
  • No experience required!


Saturday, November 12th

  • 7:30AM: Youth Competitor Check In
  • 8:45AM: Rules Meeting
  • 9AM: Climbing Starts
  • 12PM: Climbing Ends
  • 1PM (Tentatively) Awards 
  • We must clear the gym immediately following Awards


We were unable to secure a hotel block for this event, there a number of large events happening throughout the city this weekend. We recommend arranging lodging as soon as you can!


Climbers and Spectators will be required to have a facility waiver!

Parents! Please start with YOUR information, and then add on your minor aged children!

An account will need to be made but the process is fairly short.

Parking map

USA Climbing Youth QE – Region 72

gym map/check in

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