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BlocYoga Connect Mind, Body, and Spirit

Yoga translates to “yoke” and it is the idea of connecting, binding, yoking together mind, body and spirit. In each of our BlocYoga classes we offer an opportunity for you to connect your mind, body and spirit. BlocYoga has three tiers of yoga classes to meet you wherever you are each day. We offer a variety of yoga classes per week from a variety of instructors.


Summit Flow 💧💧💧

Our Summit Flow yoga classes connect mind, body, and spirit through a vinyasa-style flow with high-intensity postures and dynamic movements. Each instructor will offer their own unique style to classes. Advanced poses will be offered as an option, but you will always have the choice to modify these poses. At our highest level on the sweat meter, Summit Flow classes will stretch and strengthen both body, mind, and spirit.

Mindful Flow 💧💧

In our Mindful Flow yoga class, you will move with your breath through a steady-paced, vinyasa-style flow. Connect mind, body, and spirit through a series of moderate-intensity postures focusing on stretching and strengthening the body. At two sweat marks on the sweat meter, Mindful Flow classes will explore a combination of strengthening movement and deep stretching. 

Gentle Flow 💧

Gentle Flow yoga classes connect mind, body, and spirit through deep, slow stretches. You will use your breath to deepen your stretches and release muscle tension to improve flexibility. Our gentle flow classes are the lowest on our sweat meter but don’t underestimate the intensity of deep stretches and the benefits they have for mind, body, spirit, and climbing! In Gentle Flow, we focus more on stretching the muscles than strengthening.

BlocYoga Schedule

The BlocYoga weekly schedule will be changing on June 1st, see our latest instagram post for the new schedule!


5:30pm Mobility for Climbing with Saule

6:00pm Summit with Saule 

7:15pm Yin with Annie


9:30am Mindful Flow with Jessica

5:30pm Mobility for Climbing with Amanda

6:00pm Mindful Flow with Amanda

7:15pm Gentle flow with Amanda


6:00pm Summit with Rileigh

7:15pm  Yin with Annie


9:30am Mindful Flow with Jessica

6:00pm Summit Flow with Rileigh

7:15pm  Gentle Flow with Rileigh


9:30am Gentle Flow with Julie


10:15am Gentle Flow with Rileigh/Julie (alternating weekends) 


5:00pm Yin with Amber

BlocYoga Class Pricing

Single Class : $20 (the purchase of a day pass)
Early Bird Class Rate: $10 (valid for our 9:30am & Noon weekday classes)

5 Class Pass: $85 (Can be shared among multiple people)

Monthly Membership: $79/month
Unlimited Yoga classes every month, full access to the fitness area & fitness classes, and full access to the climbing walls & climbing classes! Member perks include: 2 free guest passes/month, and 10% off retail & cafe

Annual Membership: $840
All the perks of a monthly membership + a $100 savings for paying up front!


Book a Private Session

Members: $60 – private 1 hour session

Non-members: $75 – private 1 hour session

MM slash DD slash YYYY
We will reach out to you to confirm the time of your private class. Other classes/events may conflict with your preference.
Preferred Time of Class(Required)
Room Availability for a 1 Hour Private Session: M,W,F- 6:00am-9:00am, 10:30am-5:30pm Tu,Th-10:30am-11:30am, 1:15pm-5:30pm Sat- 11:30am-9:00pm Sun-12:00pm-4:30pmWe will reach out to you to confirm the time of your private class. Other classes/events may conflict with your preference.