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Our Youth Program

Climbing is for Everyone!

Want your child to be part of a sports activity that not only builds strength, but also teaches them life skills like perseverance, concentration and problem solving? Climbing helps to build a resilience and confidence that will leave a lasting positive impact in a child’s young live. The ethos of the climbing community is supportive, inclusive and encouraging – and about having a lot of fun in the process!

We offer a wide range of activities, fit for the aspiring young climber just starting out, to the seasoned competitive athlete. 

Thank you for supporting our community at the BlocHaven!

Our Youth Teams

Resilient. Creative. Capable

Youth Climbing Teams

BlocHaven’s youth programs are designed for climbers ages 6 to 18 where everyone is welcome; from first timers to elite climbers looking to develop their skills. Each team promotes opportunities to expand the climbers physical and mental capabilities in a positive, supportive environment where interacting with others and being a part of our community is the focus. All programs are led by a highly trained coaching staff prepared to encourage youth in learning about the sport and how to care for the outdoors while improving their climbing and becoming more confident, well rounded individuals.

We would love to work with you on matching your child’s temperament, physical abilities, and time availability with one of our youth climbing teams. 

Thank you for supporting our community at the BlocHaven!


Recreation. Climbing. Cake.

Birthday Parties

A birthday party to remember! Invite your child’s friends on an exciting climbing adventure!

With a reserved party room, beginner climbing walls and lounging areas for parents to relax and enjoy the fun, BlocHaven provides the ideal backdrop for your child’s birthday.

*Please note that we request at least one adult per three children to actively supervise (i.e. spotting, enforcing safety rules, etc)

Youth Camps

Wondering where to send your child while school is out? We have the perfect solution for burning off their extra energy while teaching them new skills and improving their climbing abilities. Fill out the form below to be notified of our next camp dates!

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