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Youth Climbing Teams

BlocHaven’s youth programs are designed for climbers ages 6 to 18 where everyone is welcome; from first timers to elite climbers looking to develop their skills. Each team promotes opportunities to expand the climber’s physical and mental capabilities in a positive, supportive environment where interacting with others and being a part of our community is the focus. All programs are led by a highly-trained coaching staff prepared to encourage youth in learning about the sport and how to care for the outdoors while improving their climbing and becoming more confident, well-rounded individuals.

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– Monthly –

$ 110

Includes Monthly Membership

1 Practice per Week (1 hour)


5:30 – 6:30PM

No Competing Required

 – Introduce basic climbing techniques
– Teach proper gym etiquette 
– Learn engaging and educational games
– Promote healthy lifestyle habits
– Develop motor skills
– Build character 

2nd Sibling – $95

3rd + Sibling – $80


– Monthly –

$ 145

Includes Monthly Membership

Two Practices per Week (1.5 hours)


6 – 7:30PM

Ability Level: 

Consistently climb:

V2-V4 and 5.10-5.11

Assessment for team required

– Develop intermediate climbing techniques 
– Apply technical vocabulary and etiquette
– Introduce competition-oriented climbing
– Set goals and access progress regularly
– Introduce training programs
– Emphasize ethical climbing practices
– Develop a healthy work ethic and self discipline

2nd Sibling – $130

3rd + Sibling – $115


– Monthly –

$ 185

Includes Monthly Membership

Two Practices per Week (2 hours)


5:30 – 7:30PM

Ability Level:

Consistently climb

Ages 8-12: V3-V5 and 5.11-5.12

Ages 12-18: V4-V6 and 5.11-5.12

Assessment for team required

– Participate in USA Climbing Competitions
– Reinforce work ethic and goal setting
– Focus on mobility and body mechanics
– Learn about climbing history and mentors
– Apply advanced vocabulary and etiquette
– Customized training options

2nd Sibling – $170

3rd + Sibling – $155


– Monthly –

$ 225

Includes Monthly Membership

Three Practices per Week (2.5 hours)


6 – 8:30PM

Invitation Only

One extra (optional) practice per week

– Participate in USA Climbing competitions
– Pursue climbing at a National level or higher
– Personalize training for competition climbing
– Develop high work ethic and motivation
– Build mental fortitude and positive attitude 
– Become an exemplary role model 
– Establish highly-advanced athletes, mentally and physically 

2nd Sibling – $210

3rd + Sibling – $195

* Founding Members pricing structure in conjunction with a Team Membership will be worked out with each of you just as we start billing. Please let us know you intend to add a Team Membership to your Founding Membership by emailing team@therockoon


Our USA Climbing certified coaches are experienced and knowledgeable in the areas necessary to help team members grow, both as climbers and as individuals.

Will Snader

Head Coach


Brittany Davis