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Our Youth Teams

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Youth Climbing Teams

BlocHaven’s youth programs are designed for climbers ages 6 to 18 where everyone is welcome; from first timers to elite climbers looking to develop their skills. Each team promotes opportunities to expand the climber’s physical and mental capabilities in a positive, supportive environment where interacting with others and being a part of our community is the focus. All programs are led by a highly-trained coaching staff prepared to encourage youth in learning about the sport and how to care for the outdoors while improving their climbing and becoming more confident, well-rounded individuals.

Get your kids climbing today!

Introductory Team  Practices

Do you have a child interested in joining teams? 2 Fridays a month from 5:00pm – 7:00pm we have Introductory team practices. This is where youth interested in joining our teams are able to come learn the basics of climbing and what we do at practice. Just because you sign up for an Introductory practice does not require your child to join teams, it’s just a chance for them to try it out and see what a practice looks like!

If Fridays don’t work for you, reach out to set up a different practice time at

Introductory practices are $20, include rental gear, must be booked 48 hrs in advance.

Book an Introductory Practice HERE


– Monthly –

$ 110

Includes Monthly Membership

1 Practice per Week (1 hour)


4:30 -5:30PM

Age Range: 6 – 12 years

 – Introduce basic climbing skills
– Promote healthy lifestyle habits
– Build character 

2nd Sibling – $95

3rd + Sibling – $80


– Monthly –

$ 145

Includes Monthly Membership

Two Practices per Week (1.5 hours)


5 – 6:30PM

Age Range: 8-13 years

– Strengthen understanding of climbing movement
– Develop problem solving skills
– Encourage determination

2nd Sibling – $130

3rd + Sibling – $115


– Monthly –

$ 185

Includes Monthly Membership

Two Practices per Week (2 hours)


6:30 – 8:30PM

Age Range: 11-18 years

– Establish principles of training self-discipline 
– Build mental fortitude
– Learn to create progress based goals

2nd Sibling – $170

3rd + Sibling – $155


– Monthly –

$ 225

Includes Monthly Membership

Three Practices per Week (2.5 hours)


6 – 8:30PM

Age Range: 11 – 18

Invitation Only – This team is dedicated to competition climbing

– Learn to operate in a high-stress environment
– Experiment with complex climbing movement
– Promote a growth oriented mind-set

2nd Sibling – $210

3rd + Sibling – $195

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Youth Program/Team Inquiry Form

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Team Assessments

Team assessments happen twice per year to assess that all our youth team members on on the correct team for their skill level. You ONLY need to register for one session.

We will observe each climber, take their goals into consideration, and suggest which team we believe would best fit.

Please register each child separately 

You will NEED to sign up for 1 session only, and this is for everyone looking to join the program.

We will observe your climber, take their goals/interest into consideration, and then suggest which team we believe they will be most successful with at that time. 

Items needed:

– A waiver (if you’ve already signed one, you do not need to do this again).

– Clothes they can exercise in comfortably

– Any climbing gear they may already have. Rentals will be included in Assessments if needed. 

– A water bottle

– A snack if desired

– A positive attitude!

Age: 6yrs to 17yrs

Below are the direct links to sign up: after inputting your email and the system prompts, please select ‘Use Existing Account’ and your child’s name when signing up via these links.

March 14

Age: 6yrs to 17yrs

March 16

Age: 6yrs to 17yrs

March 18

Age: 6yrs to 17yrs


Our USA Climbing certified coaches are experienced and knowledgeable in the areas necessary to help team members grow, both as climbers and as individuals.

Will Snader

Head Coach